Parable of the Marathon.

There was a marathon race held in a country, and one athlete who was the home favourite was so far ahead and finished the race head and shoulders above the rest, this athlete broke the world record and came first fair and square. This home athlete was celebrated with great cheers by the home crowd and was named victor ludorum and crowned with the olive wreath kotinos. However, there was one athlete who had to be last place, he was a straggler and came in delayed and a long time after the rest of the field. For some reason the victor ludorum began to brag and gloat over the last place athlete and began to make him feel bad. The last place athlete felt very upset at the sight of the vain victor ludorum being cheered and crowned with the kotinos. However, the home crowd saw what the victor ludorum did and began to feel pity for the last place athlete being upset. The home crowd then shouted at the victor ludorum and told him to get down off the podium and ripped the kotinos off his head. The crowd then said there there to the loser, see there are no winners, we are all equal in this race. What does this parable mean? The home victor ludorum refers to the Europeans, the last place athlete refers to the non-Europeans and the bragging and gloating refers to the world wars. To reiterate, concerning race and racism, because of the Holocaust, the inverse of divine ascription of primitivism and the innocence of primitivism clearly highlights and determines that primitive, developing and third world people are still primitive and therefore more innocent than white people. Where as advanced, developed and first world people, especially white people have eaten the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, therefore, white people have lost their primitive innocence. Because white people are advanced, and because of the Holocaust, they are more responsible and therefore less innocent. Developing and third world people have won the ‘race’ and will demonstrate this. Before anything else at all, white people must regain their primitive innocence. How?




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