Reconnecting to and being loyal the past.

The Anglo-Saxons were proud of the Normans, and the Normans were proud of the Tudors, and the Tudors were proud of the Victorians, but are the Victorians proud of us? No. Today politicians, anti-racists and anti-fascists are deliberately disconnecting from our past, and I expect that our more primitive ancestors who are in heaven are also disconnecting from us. For example, I once saw a tweet in which Kay Burley (Sky news presenter) referred to a fellow tweeter as having “knuckle-dragging xenophobia.” Obviously Kay Burley was referring to Hitler, but why ascribe “knuckle-dragging xenophobia” to all of our ancestors? Therefore, there is a general disconnection going on for white people with their past. However, as will be seen, because the inverse of divine ascription of nativism and the forgiveness of primitivism points or thinks in the opposite or inverse direction of capitalism or instincts, it is all about looking back instead of forward, that is to the poor, primitive prehistoric and past instead of the rich, advanced, modern and future. This determines that it is about reconnecting with our past and being loyal to our past, despite their sins such as the Holocaust and other crimes such as slavery. Looking back in stead of forward is also how attain the power and the glory.

In August 2017, in The Guardian, Afua Hirsch questioned whether Nelson’s Column should remain in place, with the implication it might be removed. She argued that the London monument is a symbol of white supremacy because Horatio Nelson opposed the abolitionist movement.

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  1. Fair point, but the Anglo Saxons weren’t keen on the Normans…the Normans conquered them!


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