Relativity of evil.

The are a couple of problems with Adolf Hitler, first is that he could not tell the difference between humans and animals, as in he treated “non-Aryans” such as Jews and Slavs as worthless as or even less worth than animals. For example, “Blondi” was Adolf Hitler’s German Shepherd, a gift as a puppy from Martin Bormann in 1941. The fact that Hitler treated human beings worse than animals, means that he could not even tell the difference between them, and there is nothing else to the matter. This is the reason why today white people cannot even tell the difference between black and white. Secondly and most importantly is that the Holocaust is so unbelievably anachronistic, in that the most tragic and barbaric deed in ‘history’ happened so unbelievably recently in the 20th century. In fact the Holocaust happened after the discovery of special and general relativity, therefore, the Nazis were very advanced, and therefore, more responsible and therefore, even more guilty of sin. Basically because of the Holocaust ‘time’ and relativity are screwed. Where in ‘time’ would the Holocaust be deemed more acceptable? The medieval period? Ancient period? Prehistory? It is hard to find, but for example if the Holocaust had happened in the medieval period it may have been less of an issue by now. Because Hitler was a genocidal megalomaniac in 20th century he was ‘relatively evil’. There is an etymological connection between Holocaust and Holocene, which may mean that it will take just as long an epoch of ‘time’ as the Holocene to heal. Therefore, for the sins we do not like to forgive, for example the Holocaust, serial killers and child abusers, the way to forgive them is to use primitivism and call them prehistoric man, primitive or animals. For example, because Hitler cares so much about racism and subhumans, he is definitely at the very least an archaic hominid or hominin! Here in this place and ‘time’ Hitler might be accepted and forgiven. If he accepts this his sins are lighter. So if ole’ Hitler was an australopithecine would we forgive him?

Take your pick!


The inverse of divine ascription of nativism and the forgiveness of primitivism is all about money and forgiveness, prehistory and the past, animals and evolution, time and relativity. Why is it we humans hate our own evolutionary past? Why would we rather be anything except an ape?

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